Monday, November 21, 2011

Rabito Cell Phone Case

I am a very recent Iphone user...about a couple months ago is probably when I started using a smart phone. I have finally gotten a case for it! :) I got the imitation version of Rabito cell phone cases in the color black with a oh-so-cute leopard print fur ball! :D I love it! .......But.....the down fall is that the tail keeps falling off :( I've been getting so many complements about the case itself but it has been bugging me since the tail does not stay on for long! It stays on for about couple minutes then I would need to stick it back on. I'm not sure if it keeps falling off because it's not the original or if it just does that for all of them. Due to the tail falling off so often, I sometimes use it without the fur ball tail. Never the less, isn't it so adorable?


  1. I wanted to thank for this!!!!!!!! i liked this case very much.

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