Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Goodies from Little Tokyo♥

I went to the Disney Hall Museum a couple days ago then visited Little Tokyo and grabbed some goodies!
I usually don't wear eye lashes but I needed them for a couple of my tutorials so I bought this Hello Kitty Lash set for around $7.50! I thought it was a pretty good deal since usually each set of lashes cost me around $3.50...We'll see how they work...^^;
I have double eye lids but on certain tutorials and looks, I needed my double lids to be more visible so I got these! They were $1.99!
Lower lashes! I couldn't find these anywhere! I will be using these for my up coming tutorials ;)
Okay, so this one was a FAIL. It did not work...I bought it because it was cheap and I had made the wrong choice! I don't think this even has a brand..hm..

Well, those were the 4 items I purchased while I was in Little Tokyo, hope you enjoyed! ;)

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