Saturday, December 3, 2011

아이유's (IU) MV '너랑 나' Inspired Look/Makeup

This makeup look is inspired by a Korean singer named 아이유 (IU). This particular look is inspired from her new comeback song, titled "너랑 나" which defines You and I in English. In her music video, her makeup is kept quite simple, yet having a dolly cute style.

For more details, watch my Youtube video! :)


  1. What a perfect tutorial! You actually look like IU in the end @_@

    Thanks for making this ^^~

  2. Just came across your blog and starting browsing it, it's so cute and you're so pretty!
    Love this look, it really suits you... I agree with the comment above: you actually look like IU in the last photo :)

  3. omg you are so pretty!!! [wah I'm so jelly!!!]
    nice tutorial~
    check out mine please ?